A Raging Night of Philosophy Comes to New York

By Sehba Mohammad on April 3, 2015

When you say a “Night of Philosophy,” most people’s eyes glaze over. However this event is anything but a snooze. It last from 7 pm to 7am, on 24 April, taking over two historic mansions in New York. Aside from the fascinating programming, including provocative discussions, enlightening art installations and performances, visitors can roam freely around the mansions. Plus, it is free and they provide coffee and croissants.

“Do we really want to be equal,” “Suicide,” and “Freedom of speech,” are just some of the topics covered in the lecture series, featuring contemporary philosophers Francis Wolff, Anthony Appiah, and Emily Apter, among others. The idea is to get people interested in philosophy and show them how it relates to various aspect of our lives from current affairs to contemporary art.

But it’s not all talk. There will be a funky Discotheque Philosophique, featuring DJs and sound artists. Sculptor Eve Bailey showcases 8-foot high kinetic sculpture made with large wooden beams and ladders, she will also balance on it. Marquis de Sade’s infamous social satire/erotica Philosophy in the Boudoir will be read live by actors, and French composer Karol Beffa improvises on audience suggestions like philosophers names.

The roaming event takes place in a different city each year. So far it toured Berlin, Paris, and London. Find out more here.


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