Our Impermanent Walk, 2014

Aluminum, stainless steel, steel, resin, nylon. 18′ wide x 4.5′ high x 7.5′ deep (5,40 x 1,30 x 2,30 meters).

Our Impermanent Walk is an interactive kinetic sculpture inspired by the wings of the first flying machines. The sculpture-device serves to experiment with the sense of proprioception and to express finite moments of equilibrium. The concept is literally and metaphorically about awareness, groundlessness, impermanence, restraint, trust and collaboration. As two people climb upon the structure, they lose their traditional relationship to gravity and cannot hold on to anything but each other’s counterweight. They are bound to collaborate to find their balance. Through a video recording of a choreographed performance (to be completed) with ten dancers moving simultaneously on the five seesaws, I will push the idea of beauty within restrictive limitations: how can one express her individuality and freedom with respect to one another’s safety and integrity.

“How does awareness differ from self-awareness? Does the “self” need to be limited to the boundaries of the body? In other words, can a “sense of self” include a sense of “me” and “you” and perhaps even a membership in a “we”? With all the ways in which life and the brain change over time, perhaps the self can be viewed as more of a verb than a noun- as a process that evolves as we grow and change.” by Daniel J. Siegel in “The Developing Mind” (interpersonal neurobiology).

Images: Cerise de Carvalho.

3-D Foundation Residency & Sculpture Park, Verbier, Switzerland, part of MUTATIONS curated by Paul Goodwin (UK), 2014.