Article by Leopold Lambert for The Funambulist: Designing Gravity

June 7, 2013

Designing Gravity; Five Young Designers and the Body: Yiqing Yin, Lawrence Lek, Jieun Kim, Eve Bailey & Kordae Henry.

Each work that Eve Bailey (see her guest writer essay) creates explores in a very direct way the relationship between the body and design. I chose here her Shoulder Path but it could have also been her own corporal experiment with a stepladder as a sort of dialogue with Jieun Kim’s film, or her Drunken Body, Entasis Dance or Intuit performances that all involves a design that has been thought specifically for the body, but that the latter requires to continuously negotiate with both the designed surfaces and gravity. Her work is an ode to the research of balance for the body who needs to not fall, of course, but also to find the various gravity points of the design in order for it not to fall either.

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