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Eve Bailey To Exhibit At Dumbo Arts Festival 2012

Eve Bailey has been asked to participate again this fall at the Dumbo Arts Festival – held between September 28th and 30th.  Her new work, entitled Entasis Dancewas created specifically for the scenic Brooklyn Bridge Park Park (at Main Street), located at the base of the Manhattan Bridge.

Entasis Dance is primarily a performance art work where dancers will interact with three distinct sculptures that Bailey has shaped from nine foot columns. The columns began as cylinders, but Bailey has personalized each of them, carving recesses and curves and adding hand holds to make each sculpture sympathetic to human embrace. The resultant columns have a biomorphic sense to them in their own right, since in essence their contours are mirrors of the anatomy of the respective dancers.

As in last year’s entry to the festival, Intuit, Bailey creates in her work a wonderful stage upon which the performers can display their grace and precision of movement. Intuit used a monumental fulcrum balance where pairs of silent dancers had to carefully adjust their positions, keeping in mind the forces of gravity on each side of the center. In Entasis Dance, all movement revolves around the circular nature of the columns. Gravity again takes its toll, but now Bailey has added the extra complexity of swirling motion. Bailey has chosen to populate the present work with three sculptures and three dancers in order to foster, “a debate rather than a conversation.”  For the 200,000 visitors to this year’s festival, this will be one “debate” not to be missed.

Performances of Entasis Dance will take place on Friday, September 28th at 6 PM and at the top of the hour on Saturday, September 29th and Sunday, September 30th from noon to 6 PM.

Costumes: Anna Finke (Merce Cunningham Dance Company).

Dancers: Jenny Campbell (Misnomer Dance Theater Company), Andrea-Jane Dispenziere (Danielle Russo Dance Company), Coco Karol (Misnomer Dance Theater Company), Lynda Senisi (Bennyroyce Dance Productions).

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