Common Frequency, group show

October 5 – 28, 2012 / opening reception: Oct 5, 6 – 9 pm

Radiator Arts gallery, 10-61 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11106

Curated by Daniela Kostova

Artists: Adam & Eve Bailey, Jennifer & Kevin McCoy, Boryana Rossa & Oleg Mavromatti, Yana Dimitrova & Sebastien Sanz de Santamaria

Common Frequency is a showcase of four artist couples. It is focused on each pair’s creative practice, in a daily reality where art and life are often inseparable, as an example of a micro-system and of a complex set of negotiations.

The exhibition represents a landscape of synched voices and their evolution in-to common artistic languages. It consists of works across the mediums that are the outcome of both collaborative and parallel strategies. Thus it raises questions about authorship, the power dynamics of a shared space, personal boundaries, gender roles and cross-cultural challenges. If in some cases individual voices are highlighted, in others two become one and, taken further, even “another” one.

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