The Way Things Go 1 & 2, screenings


Videos by: Eve Bailey, Christian Croft & Andrew Scneider, Celeste Fichter, Maud Haya-Baviera, Gareth Hudson, plan b and Katharine Tolladay.

Co-curated by Didi Dunphy and Lauren Fancher, the screening will be presented on the Adjustable Media Theater, a new portable video-viewing environment created by The Way Things Work participating artist Ernesto R. Gomez in collaboration with David Mitchell. The AMT was funded by ICE (The University of Georgia’s Ideas for Creative Exploration).

The video artworks are amusing, shocking, and enlightening; for instance in Shock Tactics Katharine Tolladay inflates a balloon until it explodes; in Christian Croft and Andrew Schneider’s piece Generative Social Networking they humorously demonstrate the tongue-in-cheek potential of social media to anonymously connect individuals; and in Eve Bailey’s two works, Drunken Body and Work Force, her over-the-top use of large mechanical structures for impractical purposes demonstrate the artist’s quirky penchant for bizarre balancing acts and use of body mechanics. Other videos are by Celeste Fichter, Maud Haya-Baviera, Gareth Hudson and plan b.


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