Special Features, residency and group show

January 2010

Artists: Adam & Eve , F. P. Boué, Francisca Caporali, Bradley Eros, Juliana Francis-Kelly, Brian Frye & Penny Lane, Camille de Galbert, Peter Hristoff, Andrew Lampert, Marie Losier, Jackie Raynal, Joel Schlemowitz.

A project co-curated by Residency Unlimited and Marie Losier.

Conceived as a short term residency project, Special Features was realized at the Kumukumu gallery, 42 Rivington street (NYC) in January 2010. For 1 month, Residency Unlimited converted the gallery into a low cost film studio, containing all the necessary ingredients for filming a movie: cameras, lighting, costumes, props, backgrounds, staging, etc. A select group of artists, filmmakers, musicians, and performers were invited to use the space and equipment to each make a film over the course of one workday (eight hours) – an exercise in resourcefulness. Each participant was instructed to follow a simple yet precise set of constraints designed to maximize the time, space, and resources available.

Under these conditions, lines between actors and crew, film set and back stage, equipment and props  fuse, allowing the event to be considered as one collaborative installation/performance. Here process plays a role equally as important as the final product. Viewable to the public, the film shoot becomes the work, whether in an active or inactive stage.

Adam & Eve
Adam and Eve met in 2004 in Brooklyn, New York, where they currently live and work together. Adam was born in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1979. He studied medicine to become a plastic surgeon before deciding to study special effects make-up which subsequently allowed him to transform people as he pleases in his artistic practice. A former student of Dick Smith, Adam currently works for Dreamworks. Eve (b. 1975  in Nancy, France)  graduated from the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, and also  studied  at the San Francisco Art Institute. She uses her own body as a tool to make sculptures and videos. Eve has exhibited in Europe and USA, and most recently at Cueto Project in New York.

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